Class locked mog collection?

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Class locked mog collection?

Mensagempor Williamhawk » 17/Out/2017, 12:50

I have been using my demon hunter in legion raids, mainly to collect xmogs, however I just noticed then that leather xmogs I get as raid drops do not share with other leather wearer wardrobes, unless it is the same class. Is this intentional?

This makes xmog collecting harder than it already was since not only do we have to be a class that wears the right armour type, we have to be the same class as the alt that collected the appearance. This is so stupid, it means that only one of your characters can use it, since no one who plays more than one of a certain class is going to mog them the same outfit.

This is not the case with older expansion gear, why have they made it the case for legion??

Please help.


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