Accessible walks routes Cheltenham to Cardiff

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Accessible walks routes Cheltenham to Cardiff

Mensagempor Williamhawk » 11/Out/2017, 10:31

Hi all

I am a very active wheelchair user and want to be proactive in raising the funds for my new chair. I plan to go from Cheltenham to Cardiff in my chair and get sponsored for it, as well as to raise awareness of accessible travel, wheelchair performance and to request Gmaps to add disabled routes to their maps.
I just wondered whether anyone has information on routes, resources or anything you think would be useful. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Just for your reference, I'm raising money for the Turbo Trust, a registered charity whose primary purpose is to raise funds to help people with severe mobility impairments buy specialised, high-performance powered chairs. This charity is currently supporting me to get a Dragon mobility wheelchair.

Please help.


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