how can someone knows on web that my computer is contacted

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how can someone knows on web that my computer is contacted

Mensagempor Williamhawk » 27/Set/2017, 12:34

a got a person on the web ((hacker)) trying to spy on my data and damage it.he knows in case of contacting my computer with internet that I am contacted with it , while I am contacting my computer I got messages that my device data will be destroyed,now I have turned off my computer and stopped contacting it with internet ,I will show my case on Virus & Other Malware Removal but where I need to know now how can he knows my computer to be mine is there a hard part or something can I remove from my device to stop knowing the device is for me.
something like serial number for a specific part can be shown by a specific program in case of contacting with internet.
will be suitable in case of being cheap.

Please help.


I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.


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