Tmog cost. . . WHY?

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Tmog cost. . . WHY?

Mensagempor Williamhawk » 17/Out/2017, 12:48

Kind of hoping to get a blue post out of this even though I know that blizzard doesn't give two craps about customer questions.

Can anyone tell me why it costs anything at all to transmog? It serves NO beneficial value other then making it so all the classes don't look exactly the same at level. Not going to mention any names, but there are two other MMORPG games out there (probably more) that offer gear customization and neither of them charge you in game money to do it. In fact one of them offers up a changing room in your character sheet and you can do it anywhere without having to visit an NPC. This has less then zero real reason behind it. Not only is there no reason for it, but for the love of Pete, why the hell does it cost so much???????

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