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How to make a video of a google map walk??

Enviado: 14/Out/2017, 08:45
por Williamhawk
Hello all,

I need to email a link or video via email to someone of a walk journey, ideally using google maps. Its just a short walk but incase the get lost I want to email them a video of how to get there on google maps so they can just click on link or video and watch the journey?

Anyhow any ideas how I could do this?

Google maps only allows you to email a link of the map journey but not of the video, this is to an older person who would not be able to figure out how to click on the map and follow the journey themself, so need it to be all ready, so the click on link or video and they just can sit back and watch.

Please help.


I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.


whiteboard explainer videos