Still Think It's "Too Silly"?

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Still Think It's "Too Silly"?

Mensagempor Williamhawk » 17/Out/2017, 12:49

So this has undoubtedly been thrown up time and time again: [Cookie's Tenderizer] and [Spider Splattering Mace] were deemed "too silly" for the community to use in their transmogs.

Even in this crucial moment against Argus, I have yet to be able to use those two items in my transmog, even though there's no technical indication on the items that they can't be transmogged (at least, I can't transmog my Outlaw swords into that particular mace while indicating I can use other maces to do so). Are we going to see any changes to those two items in which we can use them, or are we doomed to wander forever without being able to slap our enemies in the face with a harsh metallic and hilarious "clang" like Princess Peach in Super Smash Bros. Melee?

Bump the thread if you could, would love it if a Blizzard employee could explain this one to me!

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